Crazy Clown set 8 pcs
Crazy Clown brewery

Crazy Clown set 8 pcs

  • 8 x 500ml
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Crazy Clown brewery has long been preparing its "God is dead tour", during which it was to tour friendly pubs throughout the Czech Republic and offer beer lovers 8 exceptional beers. Unfortunately, after government measures due to the pandemic, it had to cancel the whole tour. But we saved the beer together, filled it into cans from the barrels, bringing you now a unique package of all beers in original designs.

The package contains 8 x 500ml. The selection is always random based on the current stock.

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An unfiltered and unpasteurized beer. Store in the dark and cold up to 6°C.


Crazy Clown brewery

The David Lynch among breweries. First, the name is inspired by Lynch’s album Crazy Clown Time, and second, the essence of this brewery is an experiment. Specials that you can't find anywhere else have been brewed by this flying brewery from Brno since 2016. One of the experiments was also to drive the D1 highway to taste Crazy Clown beers in the brewery U Klauna in Prague.