IPA 14 new edition vol.2
Oliva´ s brewery

IPA 14 new edition vol.2

500ml | 6.1%
  • 1 x 500ml
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The copper IPA from Dolní Břežany is full of flavour, and you can easily drink it despite the barrier of persistent foam. If you like IPA beer with a bitter finish, you will be as happy as a pig in mud. It has a finer tanginess, citrus body, greater fullness, and a bitter pine and resin aroma. The aftertaste you’re looking forward to will come right away and will delight your tongue for a long time.

An unfiltered and unpasteurized beer. Store in the dark and cold up to 6°C.

Alcohol: 6.1%
Color: Semidark
Original Extract (Wart): 14 Degrees