Kapka naděje Brown Ale 13 filtered
MMX brewery

Kapka naděje Brown Ale 13 filtered

500 ml | 5.4 %
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Together with celebrities – Martin Dejdar, Jaromír Jágr, Osmany Laffita, Jiří Lábus, Vendula Pizingerová and Kateřina Hrachovcová – we have created 6 original designs of craft beers for Kapka naděje and you can also contribute to its endowment fund by purchasing them.

Vendula Pizingerová: “If we helped save only one child's life in 20 years, it would be worth it.”

About Kapka naděje: Since 2000, the Endowment Fund Kapka naděje (Drop of Hope) has been helping to save children patients with hematopoietic disorders, cancer, and those whose treatment requires a bone marrow transplant. Its goal is to improve the facilities in Czech hospitals, contribute to the improvement of the mental well-being of treated children and their parents, but it also significantly supports scientific projects.

About beer: Once you taste it, your affection for this beer will be as long-lasting as its foam. The brown ALE smells like caramel with full body, so you have to focus on the variety of flavours. English-style beer is brewed by golden Czech hands from five types of malt and two types of hops. The higher bitterness, which does not cover the other elements, will surely please you, as well as the long spicy aftertaste.

Filtered and unpasteurized beer. The biggest advantage of filtration is that you do not have to store beer in the fridge. Yeast is removed during filtration, but the taste and aroma are preserved. You can easily store beer in the cellar, take it on longer trips or send it to someone to the other side of the world as a gift.

Alcohol: 5.4 %
Color: Semidark
Country of origin: Česká republika
Original Extract (Wart): 13 EPM
Fermentation: Top
Filtration: Yes
Bitterness: 40 IBU
Packaged in: DRINK2GO s.r.o.
Producer: Pivovar MMX
Kind: Ale
Volume: 500 ml
Weight: 550 g