Ozzobír Pohodář Bock 15 filtered
Oliva´ s brewery

Ozzobír Pohodář Bock 15 filtered

500 ml | 5.7 %
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Do you know the feeling when you sit in your favourite chair, open a beer, and enjoy total peace? If so, it will definitely work with this beer. It has a strong malty taste and very subtle bitterness. The higher alcohol content will pleasantly warm you up at the end of each sip. Bock beer style was born in Germany and, thanks to Munich brewers, it gradually spread all over the world. Originally, this beer was associated with various festivities – thank God that today we can drink it and celebrate every day.

Filtered and unpasteurized beer. The biggest advantage of filtration is that you do not have to store beer in the fridge. Yeast is removed during filtration, but the taste and aroma are preserved. You can easily store beer in the cellar, take it on longer trips or send it to someone to the other side of the world as a gift.

Alcohol: 5.7 %
Color: Semidark
Country of origin: Česká republika
Original Extract (Wart): 15 EPM
Fermentation: Bottom
Filtration: Yes
Bitterness: 20 IBU
Packaged in: DRINK2GO s.r.o.
Producer: Olivův pivovar
Kind: Bock
Volume: 500 ml
Weight: 550 g