Tambor May Bock 14 filtered
Tambor Brewery

Tambor May Bock 14 filtered

500ml | 5.8%
  • 1 x 500ml
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Light strongly hopped lager with a strength of 5.8% alcohol. Historically, the May bock was associated primarily with the beginning of spring and the May festivities for which it was brewed and during which it was consumed. You can enjoy the one from Tambor, even in winter. Amber colour, rich foam, and bitter taste – this is the combination that will convince you to get another can.

Filtered and unpasteurized beer. The biggest advantage of filtration is that you do not have to store beer in the fridge. Yeast is removed during filtration, but the taste and aroma are preserved. You can easily store beer in the cellar, take it on longer trips or send it to someone to the other side of the world as a gift.

Alcohol: 5.8%
Color: Semidark
Original Extract (Wart): 14 Degrees