Crazy Clown Cthulhu‘s Mystery Pack

Dear Beer Lovers,

Lately, we’ve been working on new beers and we’ve come up with some real killers that will give your (and our) taste buds a new meaning of life. Because we were very upset that we had to stop brewing because of closed pubs, we thought about how to do it and with guys from we came up with a great idea of ​​how to do it.

You have decided that we will keep brewing!

Since March 26, 2021, we launched the pre-sale of the “Cthulhu’s Mystery Pack”, in which you can find 6 unique beers. To start brewing them, 600 pieces had to be sold in advance. You did it in exactly 19 days and we thank all the owners of these packages for their amazing support! We’re going to brew! And meanwhile, we’ll keep you posted about what we’re brewing, but also about other beers that will be in this unique package. However, you can still order Cthulhu packages. And why should you purchase them?

1. Mysterious package and 10 % discount

We’ll reveal six different beers gradually. The first of these is, quite unexpectedly, “Cthulhu”. We say goodbye to this amber IPA with sepia ink and will never brew it again. So this is the last chance to taste the beer or look back on our beginnings. And you know what? For you, we’ll keep a 10 % discount on pre-sale packages until further notice. But this is really the last discount.

2. Beer only as part of the package

The second beer is associated with a story inspired by an actual event. When we were at the Beer Saloon festival in Bratislava and presented our crazy beer show, a visitor walked by and after looking at our offer, just said: “It’s just missing you adding a shit there.”

“Challenge accepted!” we thought. And so the beer called Shit Happens saw the light of the day. A classic coffee stout, but with a very nonclassical coffee that has passed through the digestive tract of a civet. We brewed this stout once, but in such a small amount, it could almost be considered Mrs. Columbo – we’ve talked about it a lot lately, but almost none of you have drunk it. That’s why we decided to brew it again. Coffee stout with civet coffee will only be available in 900 packages and not anywhere else.

The rest of the beer will still remain a mystery. However, we can reveal that they are completely new pops – specials that we’ve never brewed before but are already haunting us in dreams more than the terrible Cthulhu. Believe us, you have something to look forward to. The package contains 2 dark, three light and one semi-dark beer.

We will continue to reveal individual beers on our social networks Pivo v plechu and Crazy Clown Brewery. Follow us:) The first to find out about the revealed beers are those who’ve already bought at least one package and subscribed to our newsletter (just go to the bottom of the page and subscribe to the newsletter).

3. Limited edition of Crazy Clown T-shirts with “Cthulhu” design

In addition to beers, you still can order a limited edition of our T-shirts made of 100% organic cotton (see picture), featuring a graphic by Woody, who did the graphics for the Cthulhu Tour. T-shirts won’t be for sale separately – as many you order, that’s how many we’ll make. Imagine what a great thing it would be like to meet everyone in Cthulhu T-shirts, for example in our Clown´s Pub. Please leave us a note with the T-shirt size. The T-shirts are UNISEX.


Have you already bought a package and want to buy a T-shirt? Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about you. Send us the number of your order and the size of the T-shirt at and we will agree with you on the next step.

4. A little extra surprise

For everyone who order a package in pre-sale and are waiting patiently with us for beer production – we’ve got one more little surprise. We will reveal it soon :)

Summing up

Thanks again to everyone who bought the package in the pre-sale! It helps us a lot and we are really looking forward to brewing. But now, we are off to Slovakia, for example, for malts from the English malting plant Simpson’s, which we want to use in our beers.

Jakub from Crazy Clown and Marek from


Delivery to place in Czech Republic:

1 pack = 129 Kč
2 packs = 99 Kč
3 packs = 69 Kč

4 packs and more = ZDARMA

Delivery to place in Slovakia :

1 pack = 149 Kč
2 packs = 129 Kč
3 packs and more = 99 Kč

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